Recruiting Approach:

  1. Our multi dimensional Recruiting strategy enables us to have the richest & widest catchment area ensuring a faster response, top notch talent excellence & enhanced certainty. In addition, our partner alliances with niche sourcing companies help us in finding difficult niche skills.
  2. Our pre-screening policies authenticate communication as well as technical capabilities of the consultant, ensuring lower overhead on your interviewing panels.
  3. Our proprietary interview policies simulate Face to Face communication, along with rigorous background check helps plummeting human capital menace.
  4. Our recruitment lifecycle is handled on strong technology platform. This not only minimizes labor-intensive effort but offers real time standing on recruitment.
  5. Our sturdy business processes, capable & knowledgeable team with pioneering engagement methodology helps avoiding prospect mismatch, plummeting last minute surprises & renege probabilities.

Technology Infrastructure:

Our strong technology platform provide end to end automation of talent management processes. Well incorporated sub systems like e-Recruitment, HRIS, e-Learning, training management, payroll processing, performance management and attendance tracking ensure that sufficient support is provided to consultants working with our client. This helps reducing disruption from their core accountability of client deliveries.

Business Practices & Client commitment:

  1. We cater with a sturdy intellect of lucidity with our staffed consultants and our clients. Our consultants have a clear perception of their financial & non financial reimbursement and rights. We do carry out an on induction session with each one of our associate before deploying them to the client projects.
  2. Our client aligned organization provides SPOC for all the business communications. This results in quick matter resolution with prevention of vagueness and uncertainty.

Human Resource Processes & Career Development:

  1. People centric Human Resource processes, offering industry foremost remuneration and learning opportunities.
  2. Planned and faster response to issues and people concerns.
  3. Large investment in management & HR capacity leading to deeper people engagement.

Legal & Statutory Compliance:

  1. Rigorous process enforcement with necessary checks and balances to ensure legal & statuary compliance.
  2. Consulting & access to expert legal advisors for ensuring adherences and management of government audits.
  3. Timely statutory filings to Government departments.